Second Time Around

I had a blog – for 7 years – but what do you do when it doesn’t serve your purpose any longer?  I couldn’t figure out anything else but to start again.

Life changes, directions change, focus changes … where I was in 2011 is not where I am now (thank goodness?).   There are times when I realize that not much has changed in some respects – and so much has changed in others.

At the moment, a feeling of disconnectedness from the people closest to me is almost suffocating me.  And while I try to work through that feeling, I know I will learn from it. I will grow from the experience.

This morning I was reading a blog I follow,  Cauldrons and Cupcakes,  in which the author was discussing yesterday’s Blood Wolf Moon and how the ebbs and flows of moon gravity can affect people – I know that but was truly startled to read her questions:

Do you feel disconnected, emotionally or spiritually isolated, lonely, uncertain, scattered or ungrounded?

Do you feel out of flow, too hurried and not where you need to be?

Do you feel as if there is a calling for you, or something you are meant to be doing with your life?

Nicole nailed it.  NAILED exactly what I have been feeling for most of the last week! And while she is marketing a series of bundled meditations (which I am likely to buy when I have the disposable income), these three questions alone without even answering them beyond, “YES!!!” have lightened my heart.   Over the next week I will definitely explore each of these questions in depth.

In search of ordinary days – and joy. Thank you, Nicole Cody!