Oh Joy …When It Rains, It Pours

rain cloud

It’s just a little black rain cloud …  you know the one – my car is due for an oil change (synthetic, of course, and so costs about $75.00 rather than the $29.95 specials), the suspension has started squeaking when I go over speed bumps, AND my dryer stopped drying (timer – and labor $350).

Tut tut, it looks like rain!

Oh yeah, and the lift gate on my VW Bug leaks (either a clogged tube OR faulty seal from when I had repairs done after being rear-ended in June) and of course our rain this year is exceptional.

And, oh yes, car registration is due in a month!

Oh the Joy!  Of living on a fixed income where, as I’m sure many of you know, gets you just by from social security check to social security check with not a lot left over for emergencies.

And yet, there is still joy – these things always have a way of working themselves out.  In spite of these “all at one time” challenges, I am fully grateful for all of the positive, loving things in my life and for all of the wonderful, loving friends I have.

And in the midst of these little challenges, I think of two friends today – one is grieving the passing of her younger sister two days ago; and I just learned this morning that another friend is celebrating the completion of chemo (as I just told her how the hell did I miss that?).  I had no idea she was undergoing chemo. I guess it’s been too many months since we visited … and she (a very private person) didn’t mention that she was going through this type of crisis.

I will take the little black rain clouds along with the sunshine – grieve with my friends their losses, celebrate with my friends their successes – and remember that life isn’t so bad – and even these challenging ones are ordinary days.