Three Days In Sanger

Preparing to head to Sanger, CA for a three-day job with the Ex later today.  We do lead paint inspections for property management companies with HUD subsidized Section 8 apartment complexes build prior to 1978 to insure they are in compliance with lead safe regulations and practices.

We’ve been up and down California this last year from Marysville/Yuba City to San Diego, Chula Vista and Santa Ana –  to Richmond and Hayward – West Sacramento and a bunch in Sacramento – and now to Sanger for our (approximately) 12th or 13th job. I’ve never been to Sanger (which is actually about 20 minutes southeast of Fresno).

I will be doing a travel blog on it about our Airbnb and local eateries at my other site The Barefoot Boomer, but this is just about impressions as we go through the work process.

Sanger appears to be a bedroom community to Fresno on the way to Sequoia National Park, maybe someday I’ll make it there!  As of 2010 population probably around 24,000 – small town.  Reasonably diverse across cultures and ages.  Median income around $48,000 – median house about $179,000.  At least as of a few years ago.

I am sure Sanger is a lovely little community and I am excited to go somewhere I haven’t been – and that being said when we received our confirmation from Airbnb, one line struck my brain –

It said “Three Days In Sanger” – and I laughed.  My weird brain was immediately  hoping this isn’t an omen – or a scary story – Three Days In Sanger – or “I spent a week in Sanger one day”  … I guess I’m grateful we are not staying at the Hotel California where, as you know, you can check in but you can never check out.

And all that being said – the second week of September, we are off to HONOLULU for a week to inspect a HUD subsidized apartment building there!  Hard work … but someone has to do it.

Yeah – these are my ordinary days right now and we’ll talk more Sanger, CA later.

I’ve recently discovered snapchat – having fun with it right now – as an old lady! I’ll outgrow it soon I’m sure!