Time To Live Intentionally

The last week has afforded me much time for reflection – soul searching if you will – and consideration about what will make me contented and allow me to find my passion.

When I retired last year, I was bound and determined to run out and build my own meeting planning/wedding planning business.  Put all my effort in participating in and pursuing those avenues that would lead me to business. It was my year to do what I thought I wanted.

The fact is that, while I do enjoy planning meetings and events – and I do enjoy helping couples realize the wedding of their dreams, I simply don’t have the energy or desire to put that much energy into the serious “selling” any longer.

I will always assist my class reunions, weddings of friends and family, fundraising events for groups I belong to, and with my professional organization I belong to.  Those are labors of love – not requirements – and after 50 years of working I am perfectly happy to labor for the love of it.

I also feel that taking this lessor path will allow me to pursue my “real” passion for writing and at 68 years old, as I was recently reminded, there just ain’t that many years left to live my passion.  It is my time to live intentionally – 

With that said, it’s time …..

live your opassion

It’s time to live my passion.

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