Is There A Calling For Me?

afraid to live it


I am a year out from retiring last February already – and what I’m realizing is that I was really ready to retire after working for 50 years.  I am also realizing that all my energy to build a business is really not there.

That’s not to say I am still not absolutely looking for opportunities to supplement my income doing things I enjoy.  The issue for me is figuring out what I enjoy.

I know I enjoy very much participating with dear friends and my work related friends in helping to maintain and drive forward the local chapter of our national association; and volunteering to help with other events as I am available and they arise. I enjoy the opportunity to fill in temporary staffing needs for my hospitality friends.

My question to myself is – are any of these fulfilling a passion? A heart’s desire?

Since I was a teenager I have enjoyed writing.  Then it was short stories.  Then marriage, kids and life got in the way.   The messys got in the way.  Years flew by where I seemed to always be “redirecting” what I thought were my hopes dreams and passions as circumstances changed.  And maybe that is what happens when we expect that others will be a part of those hopes dreams and passions and then they are not?

I still believe that I can somehow put this passion to a good use – find that calling that will give ME joy … a purpose … a sense of content – a way of self expression.

And that leads me to wonder – are you retired? Are you living your dream? Your passion? Did you know what it was all along?  Did you have to take time to figure it out when you retired?  Is it working for you? Are you STILL trying to figure it out?  Are others in your life a part of your hopes dreams and passions?

And bringing that back to my search for ordinary days, ordinary are days filled with a sense of fulfillment, a sense of peace and contentment – a sense of purpose.

And so it goes – in my search for ordinary days.





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2 thoughts on “Is There A Calling For Me?”

  1. I’ve been thinking a bit along the same lines. I’ve been retired about 18 months but seem to be in flux. I have none of those “senses” mentioned above. I have dealt with the death of a parent, the near death of my husband of 30+ years, a move to a new home in a different state, and keep waiting for I don’t know what.


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